MUSICMOVES Program Notes

“Chasing Chaconne”
Choreography: Meghan Phillips
Music: “Chaconne in G” by Moondog
Claire Cordano, Sage Feldges, Rachel Martens, Madeleine Rhode, Mahalia Zellmer
A Chaconne is an 18th century slow moving dance, reinvented here for the 20th century by American composer and musician Moondog.
Choreography: Courtney Lyon
Music: Yan Maresz , “Circumambulation”, Jeiran Hasan, Flute
Dancers: Maya de Leon, Nicholas Bartolotti
Circumambulation is the ritual of walking a circle around a holy place, person, or object, typically in a sun-wise direction. In Native American and Hindu traditions, as in many others, reversing the direction of circling was considered a reversal of the natural order and was associated with catastrophe or death.
“Vivo e Giocoso” (Alive and Playful)
Choreography: Emily Kate Long
Music: Miklós Rózsa, Sonatina for Solo Clarinet, Op. 27, Rob Miller, Clarinet
Dancers: Rachel Martens, Meghan Phillips, Madeleine Rhode, Nicholas Bartolotti
The interplay between the structure of Hungarian folk rhythms and the youthful, lively energy of the dancers and clarinet inspired this choreography.  In the dance, as in Rózsa’s score, two basic “melodies” of movement are transformed in innumerable ways—reaching, looping, swirling, darting, and accelerating—until the notes and the dancers practically tumble into one another.
“Carmen” based on the four Act Opera
Choreography: Courtney Lyon
Music: Rodion Shchedrin, Georges Bizet
Dancers: Sage Feldges, Malachi Squires
“Carmen” is the dark and passionate love story of Carmen, a Spanish gypsy and Don Jose, a naïve soldier.  In this scene, Carmen sets about seducing Don Jose, who is engaged to another woman.  In her famous “Habanera” Carmen expresses “Love! Love! Love! Love! Love is a gypsy’s child, it has never, ever, known a law; love me not, then I love you; if I love you, you’d best beware!”  Don Jose gives in to her advances, and seals their fates. 
“Dumbarton Oaks”
Music: Igor Stravinsky, Dumbarton Oaks
Choreography: Courtney Lyon
Leads: Meghan Phillips, Malachi Squires
Soloists: Claire Cordano, Sage Feldges Nick Bartolotti
Quartet: Maya de Leon, Rachel Martens, Madeleine Rhode, Mahalia Zellmer
Dumbarton Oaks” is a chamber concerto by Igor Stravinsky commissioned by Robert and Mildred Bliss for their 30th wedding anniversary and named for their Washington D.C. estate.  Now a Harvard University research institute, library, and museum, Dumbarton Oaks estate boasts one of the 10 best gardens in the world (National Geographic.) This original piece of choreography is inspired by the symmetrical shape and detailed texture of the Dumbarton Oaks pebble garden and fountain, and the Bach-like structure of Stravinsky’s neoclassical 1938 score.
Choreography: Emily Kate Long
Music: Marilyn Bliss, “Murali” Jeiran Hasan, Flute
Dancer: Rachel Martens
In Hindu cosmology, “Murali” is the name of the god Krishna’s flute, whose song magically transfixes all who hear it, though its player is sometimes invisible. Iowa-born composer Marilyn Bliss envisioned Krishna appearing at the first full moon of autumn with his Murali to mesmerize listeners. Here, the dancer is both the enchanted and the enchantress.
“Shake the Muse”
Music: Igor Stravinsky, “Three Pieces for Clarinet” Rob Miller, Clarinet
Concept and Staging: Courtney Lyon
Improvisation by Dancers: Meghan Phillips, Madeleine Rhode, Nicholas Bartolotti
“Shake the Muse” is the original concept of artist Charles Morris.  Designed as a phone “app,” Shake the Muse allows visual artists (and in this context, performing artists) to have over 20 billion combinations of art elements to inspire new works. You literally shake your phone, read your results, and the possibilities for creation are endless.
Choreography: Emily Kate Long
Music: Leonard Bernstein, Symphonic Dances
Nicholas Bartolotti, Maya de Leon, Claire Cordano, Sage Feldges, Rachel Martens, Meghan Phillips, Elayne Podolske, Madeleine Rhode, Mahalia Zellmer
Inspired by the energy and the flair of the Broadway musical “West Side Story,” this fun finale of “MUSICMOVES” showcases the artists of Ballet Quad Cities and will leave you wanting more!